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~I finally got my first completed game out! All the art is hand drawn by me with a mouse! I'm excited! If anyone needs an artist for anything, PM me please i would appreciate it!~

Yay! Stick Showdown Collab is here!!

2008-10-01 16:25:39 by MEntertainment

The stick showdown collab is finally out! and I finally have SOMETHING on NG. :) can go higher...

EDIT: 3.91 getting there... :D


2008-08-19 19:06:56 by MEntertainment

Im finally going to have something on Newgrounds! yay! I now have a part in the Stick Showdown Collab! FarFenWaffle is "the host" so-to-speak and is also working with me on my game which is coming along slow but nice!

working, working, working.

2008-08-11 23:46:44 by MEntertainment

im currently working on like 3 different movies and my game. none of them are close to being finished though. so ill still be working my ass off.


2008-07-13 12:27:55 by MEntertainment

i fixed it now it doesn't lag! (as much)

Woot! LVL 1!!!...but...

2008-07-11 00:38:10 by MEntertainment

Level 1 is almost done being drawn... however there is more lag than what i want (there's a lot) ... does anyone know of any ways to reduce lag? I have made all the drawings bitmaps by bitmap cache method already.
The level drawings are grouped together in pretty big MCs...? could that be my problem? should i break them into chucks of smaller MCs? Help would be appreciated!

Im Done!

2008-07-05 18:30:32 by MEntertainment

Ive reloaded windows, the viruses are gone and im off to a fresh start!

getting ready to reload!

2008-07-04 11:35:55 by MEntertainment

yep today is the day im doing the prep work to reload windows completly...back up all my personal files and made a list of all the programs i currently have so i can get them im almost ready.


2008-07-04 01:00:15 by MEntertainment

heres my fucking latest news...some ASSHOLE had to go put a Trojan virus pice of shit on ts thing i opened and now guess wat? IM FUCKED my CPU needs to have windows completely reloaded and i am mad as hell.

I finally have the story and basic idea of whats going to go on in my game! The first "main room" level (which leads to all the other levels) is done. Now on to the good stuff.